Thursday, September 30, 2010

Guess it's infectious...

Seeing as how my fellow citizens of Glint have taken to posting their daily lives on here... I suppose I should follow the norm and do likewise. I should warn you, though... It is highly unlikely that you'll find anything nice within the contexts of these pages 

Now, where should I begin? Shall I regale you all with the tales of how the dull witted elf, Nim, winds up in my clinic almost daily? Or perhaps the many despairing and sob laden breakdowns our dear President Cara has had? Fools... The both of them. It is any wonder how I've grown to love them so; perhaps the idiocy is what tethers me to this world and reminds me of what I could have become, had I remained human. 

But, anyway, I prattle on needlessly. First, I shall tell you of Nim. One of the first people I met when I arrived in Glint, she always struck me as the cold, unfeeling sort; you know... the kind where there is no such thing as a Prince Charming for them? As fate loves to toy with me so, it would seem that I was proven wrong in my ill-cast judgment: Nim is, indeed, the apple of many eyes. Even I, in my foolishness, had fallen for her ways and even deigned to put myself beneath her with a bit of barbed wire around my neck in a makeshift collar. Those days could have been better, I must say... For she was taken with the most savage of men. I dare not speak his name, for it brings a bile taste to my mouth, even more so than the name of Fen or Defiant. Needless to say, I walked with her on that dangerous road even if she didn't seem to want me there at times... But this is all past and history. The present... Now that is where she and I have been more personal. Before you start salivating over those nasty little thoughts in your head and devolve back into cave men, it is nothing of the sexual sort. I count six times now in the span of a month that Nim has been in my clinic; three of those six she has been under anesthesia and operated upon. When will this wayward child learn to stop picking fights I wonder? Only time will tell. Just today I treated her for bruises and gashes, left after a scuffle with a certain shifter named Kitt. Looks like the elf can be beaten down... Just takes a real beast to do so. 

Moving onto the second of my favorite morons, Cara. Now, I'm pretty sure all those whom traverse to Glint know her name; long has she been within the country and much has she given in support. But what some may not know is that she's a total softy; a real bleeding heart. I daresay I've held that bitch's hand more than a mother holds that of her child's on the way to the toilet... And lord knows how many shirts of mine she's stained with her tears over some trivial matters. But, although I am speaking harshly about her, most of her decisions are thought through to the best of her ability; that should be read as "To the best her tiny pea brain can do." Either way, I can think of no better person to lead the country than her... Even if she keeps a mutt and a moron as pets. 

As I'm nearing the end of my first post on this place... I should tell you that, whereas I'm posting as Viper, she is very much a part of me. Think of it as someone I wish to be and can act out in this fantasy world. More to come when I'm not too tired to write and crap. Yeah, I'm done... Deal with it.

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  1. Janay whispers, 'ricky' into viper's ear then leaps backwards, accidently landing against the wall, to escape getting whapped. She rubs her head as she laughs then gets up to run out the door before she gets hurt.