Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Trip Home and a "Nice" Discovery.

As is normal with all things, mortal and immortal, I had the sudden urge to traverse the waters of the world back to my homeland of Rescondi. Taking my dear elf in tow, she had need of my country's database on Naiads, I booked passage with that disreputable ruffian, Aidan, and set out on the long, arduous journey. Nothing really eventful happened whilst out on open ocean, except for the fact that I wanted so badly to vivisect our loveable captain... Putting sea urchins in my undergarment pack... I'll get him one day. 

Once we arrived in my fair country, the uncouth and uncultured knife ears was akin to a child in a sweet shop; always having to touch valuable and important things. When she had enough of destroying enough research to set a few labs back quite a bit, I wrangled her into my main lab and proceeded to work on suppressors for my more feline side. Nim, of course, was buried nose deep in books about her more fishy side surfacing; Cara, if you're reading this... Thank you for the headache. 

While I was distracted by my research... Miss Weak Attention Span ran off on me. Setting down my research for a few hours, I searched thoroughly through all the labs and shops, hoping to find at least a small trace as to where she had gone. As it would happen, I heard a small, surprised shout above my head.... And, sure enough, there was the addle brained elf standing atop one of the service bots. Chastising her with a few harsh words and then carting her off to lunch, we spent the rest of the day just taking in the sights of my homeland. 

As regretful as I was to leave, we still had business to attend to. Accompanying Nim on the journey to her elven homeland was something I got sligtly excited before; Only once did I get to see an elven city. But, much to my chagrin, I was denied access into Nim's home. So, for this remainder of the journey, I spent it with Aidan and his unwholesome crew... The stench took weeks to wash out of my clothing. 

Soon enough Nim finished and watching her say good-bye to the chicken's child, I tried very hard not to vomit at the amount of love. Nevertheless, the trip home was as uneventful as the first, Nim disappearing once we arrived back in Glint; a small, simple hug and a kiss good-bye was all that sufficed for me to see the elf off. I then returned to my clinic to perfect my experiment initiated in Rescondi... Thank any god that is watching for not having that blasted tail anymore. 

But, peace it seems, wasn't meant to last. I won't say much on what happened... Only that it felt like I was in a civil war on no side... And it would've been horrible of me to choose a side at all. The conflict seems to be over for now, but I wonder... Will the cease fire last? Or will it be resumed once more with prejudice?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

OOC blog post is OOC

As the title states... This is more OOC than anything else. Just need some place to get things off my chest and well, I suppose this place will have to do. Sure, you can call it whiny and shit, but, eh... I need to get it off my chest so I don't pop. 

Lately it seems like everything is really changing; friendships, situations in life, etc. Makes me wonder if there are any changes in me... or if I'm still the same, but those close to me now hold new standards and I don't apply to them. Maybe I've gotten too depressed... Maybe they've gotten too depressed... I have no idea whatsoever. Where we used to hang out everyday, now it's just a few brief chats in IM here and there. It's like I've been replaced or something. Like I said, though, it could just be me. 

Tension is so thick between some of my friends, it makes it rather difficult to talk to some when talking to another. Like, I feel wrong for being good friends with someone my other friend seems to be hating at the moment. I never know when it's right to just be friends with whomever you like. Again, maybe it's just me. 

New influences and the like are good, but how do we keep up with the older things and friends? I, myself, have had this problem and honestly, I would love a solution to it. I know everything and everyone falls apart sooner or later, but there has to be a way to prevent that from happening. I know this one isn't just me.

And, finally, if we give all that we can possibly have to others... is it ever really enough? I mean, seriously... You can pour out everything that you have to offer, but someone always is able to one up you by producing something better. I know it's a small fact of life... but why the hell do material things even matter to some? You use them, feel better for a while, and then get bored and move onto whatever else you can find. But if you know you have something to return to... Something to cling to when you're in a rut... Something that gives you strength enough to move on... Isn't that a tad more precious and serves you better than things that come and go? I just don't get it at all. 

Sorry for the rant and everything. Just things that have been eating at me for a while and I wanted to get them out of my head before it blew up. I promise the next entry will be more in character and filled with Viper's usual venom. For now... You'll just have to deal with Rei posting.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Freedom At Last.

The long exile I had in Defiant's wonderful home had a very anti-climatic end: I was released after a string of drama shook his and his friend's worlds. Not that I care, of course... For I am now able to wander the lovely streets of Glint once again. Oh, my dear little plastic bottles and rats that scurry here and there! How I have missed you. Now that I'm free and can take up my practice again, no doubt I shall be called upon for duties soon... Nothing's changed on the public side of things.

On a more personal side, I daresay I see a rift in the people's of Glint. Nim has her own posse now... Gone are the days of when she and I would watch each other's back, while both of us kept eyes on Cara. Hardly able to look me in the eye, the dear elf seems to have become estranged from her original group and adopted a new, more reliable one. (reliable at least in her own mind.) Still.. This does not subtract from my love for my old friend... And even if she wish I were dead and decaying in some shallow grave, I will still do what I can for her. 

Like yesterday, I had received the most helpful tip from the ex-president and slut, Ava, that Nim was in need of medical attention in the Admin Tower. With a full-blown confession that she had taken a bat to my dear friend and previous torture victim... I couldn't allow myself to be upstaged... I mean, I couldn't allow my dear elf to be left alone in such a state. Grabbing my medical bag, I took off to the Tower with a casual gait, finding Nim upon the floor in Defiant's office. This leaves me wondering if the Apeman can really be trusted to protect her... It was his office, so he must have been there. 

The state that Nim was in was gruesome at best; not anywhere near as brutal as how I left her, much to my sadistic relief. I quickly attended to her wounds and broken bones, but the elf will be limping for quite a while after such a beating. I do so hope this proves my intentions are clear and honest... I do want to reunite with my dear knife ears, but alas... That shall not happen for quite a while. At least, not until all the bitterness dies down and the HoT is once again trusting of one another. 

Ugh, spare me...  I'm actually trying to attain forgiveness. The hell is wrong with me? Though, like I said, I highly doubt things are going to be the way they were before... Everyone's different. New friends, new enemies... Just where do I fit into all of this? I suppose that I'm the middle man. The wild card, as it were... However, it is not a role that I am not uncomfortable with. I shall do as I always have done: Sit back and watch the mortals shape their own futures and try desperately to change themselves to hurt one another. 

Until next time, dear journal.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mission Failed.

So, as I lay here naked and cold inside the glorious Chateau de Defiant (read as Crack Shack), I've decided to use the downtime in my torture secessions to write my account of the kidnap. Luckily, I can scare the weak minded citizens into getting me things I'm not supposed to have. Ahhh fear... Such a lovely tool when it can be used properly. It saved my life, you know... Nim would have killed me if not for her newfound, yet temporary, fear of water... but I digress.

It all started a few days ago when I attempted to show my dear friends Cara and Nim just how bad it is to leave yours truly to her own devices. Without those routine checks and nice little outings that you and your friends plan, don't you get mind-numbingly bored after a while? I couldn't agree more. So, me wanting to keep my wits sharp, I plotted a nasty little surprise for everyone: Mind controlling Nim and using her to kidnap that greasy, smelly slut aptly named Sluttling. Then I proceeded to tie up Nim as well and attempt to beat Defiant's falsified care out of her. From stitching mouths and pussies shut to forcing the elf to become frighteningly fearful of water, I must say that the torture was satisfying; such elation was never felt before. Day after day, I beat upon the lumps of flesh I was enraged at, each juicy thud and sickening crack of bones that broke sending orgasmic pleasure up my spine. 

But, as they say, all good things must come to an end. Defiant, the useless, idealistic prig, managed to sniff me out and now I've wound up naked in the cell of his house. Much asspatting and care was given to my torture victims; though I regret doing so much to Nim, really, but I suppose I'm uncontrollable when I snap. Even now as I sit here, all I can hear is the fawning and sickening worry stricken encouragement coming from the next room. Makes me sick, really... Here I was trying to prove a point, but ended up proving the opposite of what I intended. Once again, life decides to say "Go fuck your mother" to me.

As I stated above, I do regret what I did to Nim... But not to Sluttling. Nim was a product of pure rage; I was not in my right mind and only really intended to keep her tied up. If I can think of a way to make it up to her... To find some way to regain her trust and friendship, I will do so without any hesitation. Now Sluttling... I could care less about. She was the second person to order me about... and dared to call me lazy when I spent most of my days working on things that would protect all of Glint and, more importantly, myself. 

But for now, my fingers are freezing over with the chill of night and I think that demonic slut is awake. So, journal, I shall pick you up again on the morrow or some later time. Until then... Stay hidden and safe.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Thoughts.

So, as I wandered through Glint's dark, rank, horrid streets today, I came across a small revelation: more and more I'm growing away from my usual group and am left to wander about the city streets on my own. Of course, I welcome the solitude and silence- Cara's grating voice as she gripes about her problems and Nim's mechanical sounding laughter that always seems to be on que has quite lost it's flavor- but it still makes me wonder what happened to the days when we stuck together. I suppose new jobs sees to it that the old house is divided up to aid the country's inhabitants, but there aren't many times that the two morons and the genius get together anymore, and, when we do, the conversation is nearly always stilted. From thinly veiled threats of killing mutts to dramatic "welcome home" shoot outs... I can't help but wonder what has become of my second family. 

Perhaps I'll never figure out why my two morons have seemingly grown apart, bit by bit... Perhaps not. I don't care, either way. Now, another interesting bit of news is that someone actually managed to flat out ask me my intentions in Glint today. 

Some small time whore with naught but clear latex to cover her body managed to scrounge together enough braincells to ask a cognitive question. My answer to her? Lies and make believe stories of Frankenstein midgets killing bunnies. This, my dear journal, is evidence enough that someone knocked a bottle of bleach into the gene pool. If anyone were to know my real intentions, or figure them out, they would be in for a pleasant surprise. But, akin to cheap magicians who extort money out of retards, I never tell my secrets. For those whom are curious... You'll have to try to use those brains of yours. Such a hardship, isn't it?

Any of the other activities I witnessed today had very little meaning to me. Just Nim silently going about doing Defiant's will, Defiant raping a girl, and Sluttling masturbating to said rape in public... Rather an invigorating day, no? You know, I'm beginning to wonder about those three... Perhaps my dear Nimwit has fallen prey to the ogre's wiles... She always was a sucker for anyone with a strong hand to slap her around; she practically craves pain, you know. See her in my clinic every week to get fixed up so she can be beaten again. Luckily elves regenerate, eh?

And with that, I close the book for tonight. I'm tired from researching the inner workings of Glint all day and will continue to do so tomorrow. Perhaps I'll even have something interesting to report, but don't get your hopes up. Until then, dear journal. 

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Guess it's infectious...

Seeing as how my fellow citizens of Glint have taken to posting their daily lives on here... I suppose I should follow the norm and do likewise. I should warn you, though... It is highly unlikely that you'll find anything nice within the contexts of these pages 

Now, where should I begin? Shall I regale you all with the tales of how the dull witted elf, Nim, winds up in my clinic almost daily? Or perhaps the many despairing and sob laden breakdowns our dear President Cara has had? Fools... The both of them. It is any wonder how I've grown to love them so; perhaps the idiocy is what tethers me to this world and reminds me of what I could have become, had I remained human. 

But, anyway, I prattle on needlessly. First, I shall tell you of Nim. One of the first people I met when I arrived in Glint, she always struck me as the cold, unfeeling sort; you know... the kind where there is no such thing as a Prince Charming for them? As fate loves to toy with me so, it would seem that I was proven wrong in my ill-cast judgment: Nim is, indeed, the apple of many eyes. Even I, in my foolishness, had fallen for her ways and even deigned to put myself beneath her with a bit of barbed wire around my neck in a makeshift collar. Those days could have been better, I must say... For she was taken with the most savage of men. I dare not speak his name, for it brings a bile taste to my mouth, even more so than the name of Fen or Defiant. Needless to say, I walked with her on that dangerous road even if she didn't seem to want me there at times... But this is all past and history. The present... Now that is where she and I have been more personal. Before you start salivating over those nasty little thoughts in your head and devolve back into cave men, it is nothing of the sexual sort. I count six times now in the span of a month that Nim has been in my clinic; three of those six she has been under anesthesia and operated upon. When will this wayward child learn to stop picking fights I wonder? Only time will tell. Just today I treated her for bruises and gashes, left after a scuffle with a certain shifter named Kitt. Looks like the elf can be beaten down... Just takes a real beast to do so. 

Moving onto the second of my favorite morons, Cara. Now, I'm pretty sure all those whom traverse to Glint know her name; long has she been within the country and much has she given in support. But what some may not know is that she's a total softy; a real bleeding heart. I daresay I've held that bitch's hand more than a mother holds that of her child's on the way to the toilet... And lord knows how many shirts of mine she's stained with her tears over some trivial matters. But, although I am speaking harshly about her, most of her decisions are thought through to the best of her ability; that should be read as "To the best her tiny pea brain can do." Either way, I can think of no better person to lead the country than her... Even if she keeps a mutt and a moron as pets. 

As I'm nearing the end of my first post on this place... I should tell you that, whereas I'm posting as Viper, she is very much a part of me. Think of it as someone I wish to be and can act out in this fantasy world. More to come when I'm not too tired to write and crap. Yeah, I'm done... Deal with it.