Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Trip Home and a "Nice" Discovery.

As is normal with all things, mortal and immortal, I had the sudden urge to traverse the waters of the world back to my homeland of Rescondi. Taking my dear elf in tow, she had need of my country's database on Naiads, I booked passage with that disreputable ruffian, Aidan, and set out on the long, arduous journey. Nothing really eventful happened whilst out on open ocean, except for the fact that I wanted so badly to vivisect our loveable captain... Putting sea urchins in my undergarment pack... I'll get him one day. 

Once we arrived in my fair country, the uncouth and uncultured knife ears was akin to a child in a sweet shop; always having to touch valuable and important things. When she had enough of destroying enough research to set a few labs back quite a bit, I wrangled her into my main lab and proceeded to work on suppressors for my more feline side. Nim, of course, was buried nose deep in books about her more fishy side surfacing; Cara, if you're reading this... Thank you for the headache. 

While I was distracted by my research... Miss Weak Attention Span ran off on me. Setting down my research for a few hours, I searched thoroughly through all the labs and shops, hoping to find at least a small trace as to where she had gone. As it would happen, I heard a small, surprised shout above my head.... And, sure enough, there was the addle brained elf standing atop one of the service bots. Chastising her with a few harsh words and then carting her off to lunch, we spent the rest of the day just taking in the sights of my homeland. 

As regretful as I was to leave, we still had business to attend to. Accompanying Nim on the journey to her elven homeland was something I got sligtly excited before; Only once did I get to see an elven city. But, much to my chagrin, I was denied access into Nim's home. So, for this remainder of the journey, I spent it with Aidan and his unwholesome crew... The stench took weeks to wash out of my clothing. 

Soon enough Nim finished and watching her say good-bye to the chicken's child, I tried very hard not to vomit at the amount of love. Nevertheless, the trip home was as uneventful as the first, Nim disappearing once we arrived back in Glint; a small, simple hug and a kiss good-bye was all that sufficed for me to see the elf off. I then returned to my clinic to perfect my experiment initiated in Rescondi... Thank any god that is watching for not having that blasted tail anymore. 

But, peace it seems, wasn't meant to last. I won't say much on what happened... Only that it felt like I was in a civil war on no side... And it would've been horrible of me to choose a side at all. The conflict seems to be over for now, but I wonder... Will the cease fire last? Or will it be resumed once more with prejudice?

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  1. i like your stories better. They make me laugh XP