Thursday, October 21, 2010

OOC blog post is OOC

As the title states... This is more OOC than anything else. Just need some place to get things off my chest and well, I suppose this place will have to do. Sure, you can call it whiny and shit, but, eh... I need to get it off my chest so I don't pop. 

Lately it seems like everything is really changing; friendships, situations in life, etc. Makes me wonder if there are any changes in me... or if I'm still the same, but those close to me now hold new standards and I don't apply to them. Maybe I've gotten too depressed... Maybe they've gotten too depressed... I have no idea whatsoever. Where we used to hang out everyday, now it's just a few brief chats in IM here and there. It's like I've been replaced or something. Like I said, though, it could just be me. 

Tension is so thick between some of my friends, it makes it rather difficult to talk to some when talking to another. Like, I feel wrong for being good friends with someone my other friend seems to be hating at the moment. I never know when it's right to just be friends with whomever you like. Again, maybe it's just me. 

New influences and the like are good, but how do we keep up with the older things and friends? I, myself, have had this problem and honestly, I would love a solution to it. I know everything and everyone falls apart sooner or later, but there has to be a way to prevent that from happening. I know this one isn't just me.

And, finally, if we give all that we can possibly have to others... is it ever really enough? I mean, seriously... You can pour out everything that you have to offer, but someone always is able to one up you by producing something better. I know it's a small fact of life... but why the hell do material things even matter to some? You use them, feel better for a while, and then get bored and move onto whatever else you can find. But if you know you have something to return to... Something to cling to when you're in a rut... Something that gives you strength enough to move on... Isn't that a tad more precious and serves you better than things that come and go? I just don't get it at all. 

Sorry for the rant and everything. Just things that have been eating at me for a while and I wanted to get them out of my head before it blew up. I promise the next entry will be more in character and filled with Viper's usual venom. For now... You'll just have to deal with Rei posting.


  1. *hugs her* sometimes when you think people are pulling away or leaving its not the case.New friends come in many places but it doesnt replace the older ones, the people we are close to.For example, myself.I adore you reibutt, very much.You are a stable bit of myself that I wouldnt be the same without.You know I love you lots and I dont say that for just anyone.I dont know if I am one of those that make you feel this way but if I am, then I am sorry .I dont want to leave anyone behind.Love ya lots snake, always will.Dont forget that.

  2. bish, there is nothing wrong with some ooc posting! But of course, my whole blog is ooc XD

    Changes happen and we can't stop. Things cause us to drift, no matter how we fight them. The road takes a curve, but its not the end. Sometimes the road curves back....and you are friends once if time never made you part. Just hold onto the good and remember how good they were to you. Other times, people just get preoccupied with other things and forget or don't realize they are neglecting others. Basic human way.

    As for the tension, tell them how you feel and that you want to be friends with both without the tension. Help them understand your position and concern. It makes it much easier. This is why i try to be blunt with everyone. >.> doesn't always work out right....but i try! XP

    Rei, we are never good enough no matter what everyone says....reason is we can't live up to another person's ideas an opinions...and we shouldn't. If they can't accept us as ourselves, then they aren't worthy of us or our time. They aren't living up to our standards ;) You're great as you are reirei. I mean no one can hose me like you do :D Being enough is just being your self nothing more nothing less. If we try to live to other's ideas and standards, we'll always feel that way. If a friend is making you feel that way, tell them that. If they ain't close to you, fuck'em! They ain't worth it.

    As for material things, nah they don't...but some people are messed up like that. Basic psyc and soc 101. If you found one, dangle some random object in front of them and see if they dance!

    You ish awesome reirei. Now where's my pecking?

  3. *nodnodnod* What they said.
    I hearts you muchly, and if I don't say it enough, I'm sorry. You are one of the most impportant people I've met here and I'd be devastated if you stopped talking to me. And if you ever feel pulled between me and someone else, don't. I don't care if you talk to and hang with my worst enemy. So long as you still talk to me, all is good.