Monday, October 11, 2010

Freedom At Last.

The long exile I had in Defiant's wonderful home had a very anti-climatic end: I was released after a string of drama shook his and his friend's worlds. Not that I care, of course... For I am now able to wander the lovely streets of Glint once again. Oh, my dear little plastic bottles and rats that scurry here and there! How I have missed you. Now that I'm free and can take up my practice again, no doubt I shall be called upon for duties soon... Nothing's changed on the public side of things.

On a more personal side, I daresay I see a rift in the people's of Glint. Nim has her own posse now... Gone are the days of when she and I would watch each other's back, while both of us kept eyes on Cara. Hardly able to look me in the eye, the dear elf seems to have become estranged from her original group and adopted a new, more reliable one. (reliable at least in her own mind.) Still.. This does not subtract from my love for my old friend... And even if she wish I were dead and decaying in some shallow grave, I will still do what I can for her. 

Like yesterday, I had received the most helpful tip from the ex-president and slut, Ava, that Nim was in need of medical attention in the Admin Tower. With a full-blown confession that she had taken a bat to my dear friend and previous torture victim... I couldn't allow myself to be upstaged... I mean, I couldn't allow my dear elf to be left alone in such a state. Grabbing my medical bag, I took off to the Tower with a casual gait, finding Nim upon the floor in Defiant's office. This leaves me wondering if the Apeman can really be trusted to protect her... It was his office, so he must have been there. 

The state that Nim was in was gruesome at best; not anywhere near as brutal as how I left her, much to my sadistic relief. I quickly attended to her wounds and broken bones, but the elf will be limping for quite a while after such a beating. I do so hope this proves my intentions are clear and honest... I do want to reunite with my dear knife ears, but alas... That shall not happen for quite a while. At least, not until all the bitterness dies down and the HoT is once again trusting of one another. 

Ugh, spare me...  I'm actually trying to attain forgiveness. The hell is wrong with me? Though, like I said, I highly doubt things are going to be the way they were before... Everyone's different. New friends, new enemies... Just where do I fit into all of this? I suppose that I'm the middle man. The wild card, as it were... However, it is not a role that I am not uncomfortable with. I shall do as I always have done: Sit back and watch the mortals shape their own futures and try desperately to change themselves to hurt one another. 

Until next time, dear journal.

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