Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mission Failed.

So, as I lay here naked and cold inside the glorious Chateau de Defiant (read as Crack Shack), I've decided to use the downtime in my torture secessions to write my account of the kidnap. Luckily, I can scare the weak minded citizens into getting me things I'm not supposed to have. Ahhh fear... Such a lovely tool when it can be used properly. It saved my life, you know... Nim would have killed me if not for her newfound, yet temporary, fear of water... but I digress.

It all started a few days ago when I attempted to show my dear friends Cara and Nim just how bad it is to leave yours truly to her own devices. Without those routine checks and nice little outings that you and your friends plan, don't you get mind-numbingly bored after a while? I couldn't agree more. So, me wanting to keep my wits sharp, I plotted a nasty little surprise for everyone: Mind controlling Nim and using her to kidnap that greasy, smelly slut aptly named Sluttling. Then I proceeded to tie up Nim as well and attempt to beat Defiant's falsified care out of her. From stitching mouths and pussies shut to forcing the elf to become frighteningly fearful of water, I must say that the torture was satisfying; such elation was never felt before. Day after day, I beat upon the lumps of flesh I was enraged at, each juicy thud and sickening crack of bones that broke sending orgasmic pleasure up my spine. 

But, as they say, all good things must come to an end. Defiant, the useless, idealistic prig, managed to sniff me out and now I've wound up naked in the cell of his house. Much asspatting and care was given to my torture victims; though I regret doing so much to Nim, really, but I suppose I'm uncontrollable when I snap. Even now as I sit here, all I can hear is the fawning and sickening worry stricken encouragement coming from the next room. Makes me sick, really... Here I was trying to prove a point, but ended up proving the opposite of what I intended. Once again, life decides to say "Go fuck your mother" to me.

As I stated above, I do regret what I did to Nim... But not to Sluttling. Nim was a product of pure rage; I was not in my right mind and only really intended to keep her tied up. If I can think of a way to make it up to her... To find some way to regain her trust and friendship, I will do so without any hesitation. Now Sluttling... I could care less about. She was the second person to order me about... and dared to call me lazy when I spent most of my days working on things that would protect all of Glint and, more importantly, myself. 

But for now, my fingers are freezing over with the chill of night and I think that demonic slut is awake. So, journal, I shall pick you up again on the morrow or some later time. Until then... Stay hidden and safe.

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